Windows 10: Plans new design for 2021

Five years after the first release, Microsoft wants to implement new ideas in Windows 10. First reports indicate that users will have to change in many areas. What does Microsoft have in mind? Microsoft is working on a new design for Windows 10. What the update will mean for users is not clear in detail according to initial reports, but the direction is clear. The operating system is to receive a completely new look in 2021, in which, among other things, the Start menu will be refreshed. The new design is not expected to be released until the end of 2021.

Windows Benuzteroberfläche
The futuristic Windows has a purple tinge.

There is to be a new look in the following areas:

Start menu:

Only with the Windows 10October Update was the appearance of the Start menu adjusted, but that was not it yet. Apparently Microsoft is working on the effects used.


Allegedly, the code of the taskbar will be changed more extensively, but the details are not yet clear. Of course, fans are already dreaming of features such as a centred start button like in Windows 10X or a transparent taskbar, all of which you still have to set yourself with additional tools.


Explorer has not had any new features for a long time, so the interface could certainly be improved. The direction is clear: users should no longer be overwhelmed with options.

Microsoft is presumably basing its project visually on Windows 10X, which is also to be released from 2021, but is intended for mobile devices. „Sun Valley“ is likely to adapt some of the innovations of Windows 10X for Windows 10 on the desktop. In addition to the start menu, the task bar is also the taskbar will be refreshed.
A precise schedule does not yet exist, but the essential work should be done around June 2021. Then the beta tests for insiders could begin. Microsoft will certainly not make this „Sun Valley“ update available before autumn 2021. Users should be able to decide whether they want to use the new version or keep the old one, at least for some functions.